Already in my early years, I felt that there is something powerful in all of us. I loved to escape into my mystical world and music has been my guide to a more beautiful and magical life in which I truly believe. When I sing, my soul expresses through me and I've always healed it with singing. I realized early on that with music I can spread beautiful vibrations broadly and everything fell into place when I knew that this is my main purpose in life.

When I first heard the song ‘One Of Us’ by Joan Osborne, as a little girl, I began to wonder "what if God lives in us all?”

The messages of the songs are very important to me and what I sing is what I believe.

I had the honor of experiencing the Eurovision Song Contest, representing my home country Slovenia.

I moved to Stockholm to create an international Album. “The universe heard my prayer” and I had the honor of meeting the one and only, Eric Bazilian, the author of beloved song ‘One Of Us’.

I am beyond grateful to Eric Bazilian that he recognized my spirit and that he created a whole album with me, my husband Marjan Hvala and renowned Slovenian composer and producer, Martin Štibernik.

Eric brought great artists and authors to the album, such as Desmond Child, Zucchero, Amanda Marshall and others.

Together we created a timeless album »Sunrise«, an album that, for me, is not just a set of thirteen songs, but the story of my life, leading up to this moment; my own personal sunrise. I trust my soul as a guide and truly believe this is a time for greatness, where we can live in unity and love.

Let us all connect on the vibrations of Love.